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Empowering Creativity

Hi friends, I have a quick follow-up on When Development Becomes Accessible. This is super short train of thought thinking (or rambling). There's something super interesting that happens when you discover that you have an ability create something, that you previously thought was completely out of reach. Thoughts, ideas, and plans that never would've had… Continue reading Empowering Creativity

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When Development Becomes Accessible

For all of the Twitter and Google bots, yes this post is about #nocode. It's time to circle back a bit to why I decided now was the time for me to start working towards a side-project in the first place. Sure, months of remote work from home, and a global pandemic has left a… Continue reading When Development Becomes Accessible


Baseball. Is. Back. For the first time in about 7 years, I'm excited about a baseball season. With a shorter season and expanded playoffs, every game means more, and anything can happen. The season reduction from 162 games to 60 games means that every game actually counts as (162/60) = 2.7 normal games. Then right before opening… Continue reading Baseball. Is. Back.

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Evaluating Side-Project Ideas

Part ~2b of documenting my journey to start an independent side-project. See previous posts: Side-Project: Part 1 - IntroIdeas are Easy, Conviction is Hard Over my cross-country flight at the beginning of lockdowns, I created an iPhone note — which evolved to a Google Doc — and then to a Notion table — to brain… Continue reading Evaluating Side-Project Ideas

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Ideas are Easy, Conviction is Hard

If you listen to or read enough startup and venture content, you'll start to recognize similar themes repeated over and over again. One that has consistently stood out to me is the investor concept that "Ideas don't matter. It's the founding team and their ability to execute that matters." This is meant to say that… Continue reading Ideas are Easy, Conviction is Hard


Side-Project: Part 1 – Intro

For the past few years, I've dreamed about leading my own project, organization, or even a company. I want the ownership, I want the creativity, I want to work on something really cool and share it with the world. But, I'm definitely not your prototypical founder: Throughout my first two years in college, I thought… Continue reading Side-Project: Part 1 – Intro

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Innovation in a Decentralized Tech World

I have never been a startup founder. I am not a venture capitalist. I’ve spent a total of ~48 hours in the Bay Area. But I’m super interested in startups, venture, and thinking about the future. Today, most of venture capital (how startups raise money) sits within a few blocks in California, drawing startup founders… Continue reading Innovation in a Decentralized Tech World


Social (Media) Distancing

My approach to maintaining individuality and resisting group-think among the best networks in the world. To start off, I love Social Media. It's easily one of the most powerful tools of our generation, and it creates so much opportunity to connect with people. Like many others, I use these services for multiple purposes. Some for… Continue reading Social (Media) Distancing


A Look into the Future with Halt and Catch Fire

A combination of staying inside forever, calls to build, and stories about discoveries under quarantine (like... gravity) naturally leads conversation about "what's coming next?" Now, I am not the person to try to answer this, but I have a weird angle to try. I just finished a show on Netflix called Halt and Catch Fire,… Continue reading A Look into the Future with Halt and Catch Fire